ECO STAR meets the requirements of our environment, the economy, as well as luxury packaging. The film is being produced of cellulose, (wood pulp). 

Wood pulp can be reproduced. ECO STAR is compostable.

ECO STAR offers the same processing options as the common polyester (PET) or polypropylene (OPP) films, which are made of mineral oil. The product safety procedure remains the same. 

Advantages at a glance:

The film is not just “organic”, but it is as well: 

  • suitable for direct food contact. Perfect for high-quality packaging, like champagne and wine.
  • breathable: There is less humidity in packaging wrapped in ECO STAR film than it is in PET wrapped packaging.
  • optic: Top. There is a reasoning behind the fact that many producers already use the new eco-friendly film for their luxury packaging.
  • handling: Outstanding. There is no difference to conventional film. ECO STAR is as easy in handling, printing and varnishing.

Usage and robustness:  

ECO STAR is resistible of temperatures up to 190°C and up to -60°C. 

Storing food in your freezer, heating your meals, foil-wrapped, in a microwave or oven, are absolutely no problem. 

Even the metallized film is compostable. 

Awarded: The name says it all

Giving back to the environment pays off: The pfc GmbH received their certificate directly  from the DIN CERTCO GmbH. 

By the way: The film is GMO-free, meaning there are absolutely no genetically modified organisms in our ECO STAR. 

pfc and ECO STAR together at the Fachpack exhibition

Visit us in Nürnberg: From September 25th – 27th we welcome you to our carbon neutral booth in hall 7/7-618. There we will present you our X-treme matte and X-treme matte LM (low migration). 

Both are extremely scuff resistant and very smooth.

"pfc" welcomes you at Fachpack 2018 in Nürnberg 25 - 27 September Hall 7 Stall 7 - 618.

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